08 tacoma transmission problems


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Quick Links: Oil Filter? Transmission problem on Discussion in ' Technical Chat ' started by james08tacoSep 29, Post Reply. I have a Toyota Tacoma pre-runner automatic. This morning when I switched it to drive there was a huge shutter and clunk noise.

It Acted like it was stuck in second gear I took it to the dealership and he said he won't be able to look at it till Monday It's still under warranty but really Confused as to what it could be. I take excellent care of my truck, could it really need a new transmission at 59, miles???

Did you by any chance wash it yesterday and let it sit until this morning? OffroadToySep 29, No, but it did rain hard last night. I've read that washing your truck and letting it sit or maybe after a hard rain makes like the ebrake stick or the abs go nuts or something along those lines.

TeamSarcasmSep 29, I was thinking that thread but was to lazy to looking it up on my phone Good post. I was a transmission helper about a lifetime ago.

08 tacoma transmission problems

I'd like to get a breakdown on my tranny. But from what I remember the first problem would make me look at converter. But hanging up in second gear would have me looking elsewhere.

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KolunaticSep 29, Show Ignored Content. Wheel Bearing Koyo Toyota Tacoma. Spicer X U-Joint Kit. Load Capacity. Genuine Toyota Parts - Union Worried about potential repair costs?

08 tacoma transmission problems

An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently Toyota Tacoma problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. Toyota Tacoma repairs by problem area. Toyota Tacoma transmission repair cost distribution.

See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on 87 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

Software update from Toyota helps some but the truck still has the poorest shifting auto transmission I have ever experienced.

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I have been driving since Slack or play in rear differential and differential fluid leaking. There was a a noise when transmision was shifted from reverse to drive or from drive to reverse. After reading on the internet, it looks like it is a pretty widespread issue with no solution. Decided to live with it. Computer up to date. Found some research online suggesting that they were delivered low on transmission fluid from the factory.

Took it in and sure enough was 2 quarts low. Turns out there was a software update that needed to be done. Shifts way smoother and gas is more responsive after update. Replaced transmission.Discussion in ' 3rd Gen. Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World.

Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Are the transmission issues fixed in the ? Post Reply. JFickApr 22, I've had my 4x4 v6Auto since oct. SRBenjaminApr 22, My transmission has not acted up. I guess it only has 48k miles, so there is still hope I can fit in here lol. MidCitiesMildManApr 22, Mine is a 16 and they did a computer flash and it was better, since then have not had any problems with it.

I don't think there has been any "hard" changes with the transmission, I think its only been a software update. Mine seems to be just fine.

Only have a 1k on it though and it does seem to hold a gear for a little longer than one would think at times. I dont really think about it as it is an automatic and does its own thing. Drove about miles the other day and set cruise to 80 and it was fine.

Sure it down shifted to hold the speed or speed up but that is what it is supposed to do got about 19MPG. The main issue I think is the lack of low down RPM torque on the 3.

This Toyota Tacoma Has a Serious Problem

I came from a Scion tC with a four banger and a 6 speed and it shifted all the time. Only time it could remotely accelerate on the freeway without downshifting was if you were going 80 because the engine was close to the start of its torque band.

BlaumanApr 22, My three 19's after the software update were flawless, no issues. My 20 seems to be the same. I would say its been addressed since the TSB inthough most people will continue to complain and say there is a problem. It's an auto transmission in a baby v6 truck, its not a sports car, its not gonna be perfect, especially the first miles when its learning. If you are that picky about it I would say opt for the manual, but it is a way overblown complaint here, along with some other things.

TacoBuffetApr 22, Blauman likes this. No issues on my 18 Pro.Is your Toyota vehicle experiencing delayed-engagement when shifting from Reverse to Drive?

After driving Toyota vehicles for over 11 years, starting with a Toyota Tacoma, followed by a Toyota Tundra, I have bragged over and over to my friends about how reliable vehicles they are. Not once did either of those vehicles enter the service facility, except for routine oil changes. This along with all of the fantastic features, of course made me a raving fan of Toyota products.

Let me tell you, crawl control is awesome! Well, I guess even the best of relationships are doomed to hit a snag every now and then. Toyota and I are now not on good terms. Within a few weeks of buying the truck, I started randomly having an issue that seems cold weather related. When shifting the vehicle from Reverse to Drive the transmissions seems to not always engage. After pressing the throttle and hitting somewhere around RPM the transmissions would slam into gear, jerking the vehicle. It quite honestly feels like someone rear-ended you.

In fact that was my first reaction the first time I experienced it. I should have taken it to the dealership immediately, but after it warmed up outside after spring approached the problem mostly went away.

It will happen maybe one out of times in warm weather, and it never happens after the truck has been running for any length of time. This was the perfect opportunity to see if I could get this problem fixed.

I explained the issue to Tim Farrand, my Service Adviser. We did find one that described my problem exactly, except for it was from shifting from Park to Drive. Mine was shifting from Reverse to Drive. Tim swears its not my problem. So that was that, Tim advised me to let it get worse and bring it back. There are many, many results that come up with people complaining about my exact problem.

Shifting from Reverse to Drive the transmission does not engage until the engine revs passed a certain RPM and then engages abruptly, lunging the truck forward.

And he most certainly was not putting any notes in the computer to send to Toyota.

Transmission problem on 2008

A number of people in the forums and on Reddit expressed that this has been found to be caused by the Toyota Tacoma shipping from the factory a quart low on transmission fluid. It is possible this is the case, though many on the Taco forums have had their fluid checked and raised and claim that the problem persists.

08 tacoma transmission problems

If you are experiencing transmission problems with your Toyota Tacoma or other vehicle, as this transmission is shared across several product lines leave a comment below. Someone also pointed out to me that it is possible it is a torque converter problem. With modern vehicles and locking torque converters, I suppose anything is possible though.

I have sent an email to Toyota Customer Careasking for them to look into this issue. Hopefully I will hear back soon. With many, many people reporting this same problem, Toyota can not ignore this forever! This update also claims to smooth the on-road shifting out. It has only partially fixed the problem. I have not had the delayed-engagement problem since the update.

08 tacoma transmission problems

However, the transmission now seems to clunk into first gear. When coming to a stop as the transmission downshifts it makes a loud clank as it goes from 2nd to 1st. So disappointing.Toyota Tacoma owners have reported 84 problems related to automatic transmission under the power train category. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Tacoma based on all problems reported for the Tacoma. My Tacoma, while sitting at a stop light, suddenly surges as if somebody hit the gas or slammed me in the rear. It hasnt pushed me beyond my brakes but it is very disturbing.

I reported this to the Toyota dealer and they said they couldnt reproduce it. It doesnt happen with any regularity, it just happens out of the blue. Additionally, when you go to very low speeds and make a sharp turn the rpms jump to about 3, and then it feels like the transmission kicks in. This was also reported to the dealer who said it was by design but if it is it is poor design.

See all problems of the Toyota Tacoma. The contact owns a Toyota Tacoma. The contact stated the vehicle has had problems with the cruise control. The failure began after the contact had the transmission serviced and the transmission was not refilled properly. After the service, the contact stated that the cruise control started to accelerate pass the speed that it was set with being reset by the driver.

Toyota Transmission “Delayed-Engagement”

The vehicle was taken to the dealer again and repairs were made to the electronic control unit, which has caused the rpms to idle either excessively low or excessively high. The contact stated the vehicle will also downshift from fifth gear to second gear when driving with the cruise control set to 55 mph and above. The failure mileage was 85, and the current mileage was 85, On June 11, I was changing the anti freeze in my Toyota Tacoma. The vehicle was in park and running to warm engine to open thermostat to get more coolant from the lower block.

Well I decide to boost the engine speed by manually moving the throttle.

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To my surprise my truck lurched back before coming to a stop I check the shifter it was still in park. But a further exam the vehicle stuck in reverse and will not go into any forward gear. I m' going to check to see if the linkage needs adjustment everybody I talk with said it was not suppose to move unless the brake was applied first. If I don't hold the brake firm it could rear end vehicle in front of me.

Dealer says its normal. And charged me to inspect. Airbag light came on dealer told me it was a part in the airbag and wanted Causing a crash. Shouldn't a part this critical be covered for life of truck?. Transmission shifts erratically at slower speeds.

Drops into first gear and lurches when turning a corner. Truck transmission feels out of control at apex of turn in an intersection. Not safe for foot traffic or other vehicles in the intersection.

Dealership says transmission is ok. Many other complaints about this problem on edmonds.Discussion in ' Technical Chat ' started by gearcruncherAug 7, Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World!

Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems

You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Heated seats - Ignition on only. Transmission- 5 Speed automatic write up with pics for second gen 4 liter trucks Discussion in ' Technical Chat ' started by gearcruncherAug 7, Post Reply.

This is your 5 speed toyota automatic transmission that became available for and up Toyota Tacomas. This transmission is the only transmission behind the 4 liter engine. If this is not your transmissionclick on my username under posts I have started and look for your transmission. If you are still having issuesjust send me a pm I try to update this post at least once per week.

Keep an eye on my latest edits Are you here because you may have a problem. I suggest reading through all the links below before you come to a conclusion. There is a tonne of information listed below. When it comes to transmissionsits better if you take your time and read slowly. Transgo finally made a kit for the A These kits are " NOT " designed to make the transmission shift aggressive.

They are designed to compensate for internal valve body wear and correct common issues due to design flaws. It looks like the kit may assist with the early converter clutch application that we are all complaining about. Last edited: Sep 29, Caliejaylibaguiwmchenry02 and 14 others like this. RacecarGuyAug 7, I have seen far too many members checking the fluid level and finding out it was low directly from the factory. Toyota dealerships " do not" check the fluid on the sealed unit when they sell you the truck.

With this said ,many of you have been driving with a low fluid condition for long periods of time. If you are reading this post ,you are here because now you have a problem with the transmission and it has slowly taken its time to show itself.Six problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the Toyota Tacoma.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Toyota Tacoma based on all problems reported for the Tacoma.

I previously filed odi complaint to report to two instances where my Tacoma accelerated on its own at a time when I had about 17, mi. On the vehicle. Thereafter I tried to troubleshoot the problem. The only thing that changed prior to the onset of the spontaneous acceleration was that I acquired a blackberry curve to replace my previous cell phone.

My old cell phone was smaller, so while driving I usually kept it in the slot next to my gear shifter. My blackberry was much bigger and didn't fit in the slot. Therefore I put it in the cup holder underneath my dashboard. It was then that I started experiencing the acceleration problem. Subsequently, I started carrying my blackberry either in my backpack on the passenger seat or in the slot where I used to keep my smaller cell phone and I no longer charge the blackberry using the charger that plugs into my lighter socket in my dashboard.

With one exception which I shall describe this has solved the problem over the 9, mi. Since it began. I plugged my blackberry into the car charger and placed the blackberry in my backpack on the passenger seat. Within 10 miles my Tacoma started accelerating uncontrollably.

I shifted the truck into a lower gear and unplugged my phone from the charger, but the vehicle kept accelerating. I shifted to neutral and turned off the engine when it started to redline, and steered the vehicle off the side of the road. After I stopped, I shifted into park and turned the ignition and the engine again started to redline. I let it rest a couple of minutes, and it started normally and I drove off. I no longer charge my blackberry with the lighter charger and have not had any subsequent problems.

It is my belief that my blackberry's electromagnetic frequencies interfere with my Tacoma's electrical system when the phone is either too near the dash or plugged into the car charger.

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My Toyota Tacoma accelerates on its own without warning when driving normal speeds. This happened twice in the last week.

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