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Following on from the fantastic Fight or Flight, Eclipse, and Zenith Quadrants inPhoenix will end the year spectacularly in EVE Online with big changes to Supercarriers, continuous balance and meta changes, as well as the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival events and much more!

Find out More. Monitoring and evacuation operations are underway throughout the 27 systems under Triglavian occupation, while the invaders continue to construct formidable defenses. Concerns also exist about the stability of New Eden's stargate network as intermittent and increasing power fluctuations are evident. Act fast, though, as both packs are only available until UTC on 1 December ! This big series of updates to structure gameplay in New Eden introduce Quantum Cores as necessary items in the deployment phase of structures.

This follows on from Phase 1 of the Quantum Cores update that went live last month, and is important for any players interested in structures. Phase 2 of the rollout will enforce the rule that requires Quantum Core installation to be carried out in order to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures. Alton Haveri reports as P. As the fighting has escalated over the 3 month conflict, consolidated P.

In an update to Quality of Life for the feature, the Proving Grounds will now have persistent in-game leaderboards so that you can track your progress and that of others across the events, as well as auto-rewarding of prizes.

These QoL upgrades will apply to both Tranquility and Serenity servers! The new Howling Interdictors update is coming on 27 October, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors! The choice of which Interdictor to use for a specific purpose in-game becomes more interesting with changes to Power Grid and CPU usage, velocity, ship bonuses and more to some vessels in this category.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Patch notes. Howling Interdictors Tuesday, October 13, The new Howling Interdictors update is coming on 27 October, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors! Fly safe and fear the sphere!These forums have been archived and are now read-only.

Ships & Modules

Forum Index. Center for Advanced Studies. Gallente Federation. The Spod. The following fit will possibly be the craziest functional pve fit you have seen.

It is a min-maxed microjump low SP Dominix.

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I have ran all L4 missions with this against pirate factions, and it waltzes through them hardly ever dipping to armor. The secret is MJD combined with glitched sniper power: rats won't ever reach near enough to hit you. Still, not even hairy. Lower sp might want to fit an extra kinetic hardener for these though, drooping garde dps to The Scope.

Arch Ville. Your avatar is hiding is face in shame. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Miners. Archibald Thistlewaite III. Arch Ville wrote: Your avatar is hiding is face in shame.

Missions & Complexes

Nice, so you give your drones a tracking boost lol. Baggo Hammers. His avatar looks stupid, but Spod knows his Gallente theorycraft. If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. Seems like it's a valid alternative to the "rush into Lv 4's within your first 3 months" CM-cavalry. CM-boats are trained a little faster, but comparable stats on a CM-boat takes a while longer I think.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! Chainsaw Plankton. Grombutz wrote: Seems like it's a valid alternative to the "rush into Lv 4's within your first 3 months" CM-cavalry.

Royal Amarr Institute. Amarr Empire. The AAR is there for two purposes: emergency if something goes wrong and repping up the buffer. I haven't used it yet.These fits are targeted at pilots without much experience in creating fits and who are new to the requirements of mission running. These fits will provide a common starting point for pilots and as their personal playstyle and tastes progress, they will be able to make ship selection and fitting choices more fitting to their personal wants and needs.

There are a multitude of ships and fits that can be used to successfully run missions; these are just a focused selection. Some selections have been made to work best with character progression and to keep with a common weapon system throughout the flow of moving up to bigger ships.

Feel free to move around between different progression paths and ships and weapon systems as your skill training time permits until you find something you like.

Also note that these are generalized fits and may or may not be best suited to the "blitzing" doing minimum required to complete requirements of mission and then turning it and getting the next mission or "full clear" killing all hostile ships and looting and salvaging their wrecks styles of play.

Feel free to modify these fits to suit your needs and playstyle preferences. This article includes fits for Marauder-class Tech 2 battleships for the sake of completion. For pilots running L4 missions near the NSC, using a marauder is not advised. While you are in bastion mode, you cannot warp off or move at all.

In that minute that your bastion module is active and cycling, you can easily be combat-probed down and tackled by other players. More mobile, but still extremely potent, pirate battleships will be your end goal for running L4 missions down near the NSC.

The same threat exists for high sec mission runners from war targets. If you are going fly a Marauder, keep in mind the implications of going into bastion mode and the risks you will be taking by doing so.

A ship hull like the Vexor that is fit for PvP is not going to perform as well as a Vexor that is specifically fit for the rigors of running missions. While PvP encounters are typically short periods of intense damage and resource expenditure cap, repairing, ammo clipsPvE encounters found in mission sites are of a different animal entirely.

Mission running is an endurance activity and you will want to use a fit that reflects this fundamental difference. While creating a PvE mission fit, there are several key concepts to keep in mind that are important for mission runners. While running missions, you will fight a variety of enemies.

Different factions' ships will deal different types of damage to your ship and they will be more vulnerable to different types of damage. In terms of offensive modules, this means we want to be able to pick the kind of damage we are sending towards hostile ships.

Weapon systems and ship bonuses that provide the most flexibility in this regard will be the most optimal. Ship bonuses or weapon systems that lock you into only being able to deal one or two type of damage will not be able to adapt as well to different opponents and may find some missions more difficult. Most drone and missile boats will excel at being able to select the type of damage to apply, while laser ships will generally have the most difficulty adapting.

Vessels using projectile weapons are fairly good at being able to choose the type of damage they want to shoot, but deal somewhat less damage when wanting to focus on applying kinetic damage.CCP, there are off buttons for ship explosions, missile effects, turret effects, etc.

These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Forum Index. Dominix Navy Level 4 fit. Amarr Empire. Taul Badasaz. I'm having a hard time figuring out a fit for it. Most of my skills are in t2 large hybrids and drones up to heavies from running incursions in a vindicator so naturally I figured the best level 4 ship for me is the Dominix navy.

I've run in EFT a couple shield and armor fits and I'm really not sure how to fit this thing as I've never run level 4s before though I do have standings to run them for a couple corps. Anyway any advice is greatly appreciated. United Allegiance of Undesirables. Taul Badasaz wrote: I'm having a hard time figuring out a fit for it.

The Scope. Gallente Federation. Kazual Jayde. I use a Hyperion for level 4s.

NSC Mission Running Fits

I basically just sit still and face tank it. Decent damage to smaller ships with tracking speed scripts, light drones for backup to that. The only times I've had to warp out while fighting are when I messed up and hit too many triggers, or aggroed the wrong group, but that happens less often as I learn the missions.

The only problem is, it's slowwwww, but I find with the missions I'm running, most of the gates aren't too far from the warp-in point. I drop my MTU when I land, and pick it up on my way out in most cases. Probably not terribly efficient, but it works for me.

Opinions and advice welcomed, though! I also keep an Enyo around for the few level 4s that don't require fighting. Wombat65Au Egdald. I fly a T1 Domi in L4 missions regularly. I'm not going to offer a specific fit since how you fit will depend on how you plan to run the missions. Snipe from range, get up close and brawl, etc.

You'll face a variety of ships from frigates up to battleships in L4 missions, often in groups that have multiple different sized ships together in the same group. It's actually the smaller ships that could give you the most trouble, elite rat frigates tend to have some extra tricks such as propulsion jamming for you to contend with. Sniping is actually fairly easy. Once you land on grid in the mission pocket, open up some space between you and the rats, then pick them off.

When they start getting close, move to open up some more space, pop some more rats, repeat. To do this, you'll need a propulsion mod that lets you move quickly micro jump or micro warp drivelong range weapons to cover the distance, and the sensor range to lock targets at an appropriate range.

Normal combat drones aren't so good in this role, sentry drones are more effective, but not all sentry drones have a long weapon range.

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Caldari Wardens have the longest range, with good skills and the right modules, they can hit targets km away, but their tracking speed isn't that good, they won't hit anything that gets close to you. Minmatar Bouncers have a drop in range, a little over km and their tracking is a bit better than Wardens. Amarr Curators are probably the bottom end for sniping range, 70 - 80 km, with better tracking than Bouncers.

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Gallente Gardes really aren't sniping drones, you don't get much more than 60 km weapon range from them but they have the fastest tracking speed of all sentries.Refer to your best judgement or the FC instructions on jamming targets. The priority displayed here is meant only as a basic guideline for prioritizing targets on a theoretical level, actual field priority may differ depending on the circumstances.

Designed as much to look like a killing machine as to be one, the Ferox will strike fear into the heart of anyone unlucky enough to get caught in its crosshairs. With the potential for sizable armament as well as tremendous electronic warfare capability, this versatile gunboat is at home in a great number of scenarios. The Ferox is generally more popular as a PvP ship than a PvE ship, as when in combat with NPCs, the limited range of blasters or limited damage of railguns do not combine well with the Ferox's slow speed and large signature radius.

In particular, the Ferox has spent several years as one of the most popular ships in very large nullsec fleets. It is cheap, durable, and its railguns can project damage to very long ranges. Its popularity has resulted in it receiving several nerfs over andbut it is still a solid low-tech, even Alpha -usable, fleet ship. It speaks volumes that two of its great competitors in this role, the Eagle and Muninnare both Heavy Assault Cruisers and thus significantly more expensive and skill-intensive, and the Ferox still sees significant use.

Outside of nullsec fleets, the Ferox also sees popularity in lowsec as a brawling-blaster platform, relying on its innately thick battlecruiser hull, six turret hardpoints, and often an XL Ancillary Shield Booster, to grind enemies apart faster than they can break through it. Further information about additional or recommended skills to pilot Ferox for a specific or it's common role s can be written here.

Reduced fitting here will force more tradeoffs between tank and damage, bringing the Ferox closer to its competition.

EVE Online - Level 4 Mission - Buzz Kill - Dominix Drone Sniper, No Skills Easy

The Ferox is getting a very significant change in the form of a new skill bonus and slot changes. The shield resistance bonus is being swapped for hybrid damage, and a highslot and turret is being traded for a mid.

This leaves the Ferox with 7. The extra range provided by the role bonus is obviously valuable for fleet fighting with rails, and the addition of falloff helps the Ferox take advantage of its range advantage with blasters as well.

The Ferox has been failing at its previously intended purpose as a railgun sniper for a long time now, both because of the weakness of medium railguns and the role overlap with the extremely powerful Attack Tier 3 Battlecruisers. We do not have the time to fix all these problems in 1. To reach this goal we are increasing the damage potential through an extra turret and extra highslot, adding CPU and Powergrid to fit the big guns and adding hitpoints to ensure that the Ferox can take a beating and keep on going.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Required Skills. Training Time what's this? Estimated training time only for the listed skills based on zero implants and without neural remaps. Command Ships Ferox Class. Can Use Command Burst modules. High Amount of High Slots. Ship Attributes Fittings Powergrid.

Base Time to Warp. The time displayed here is the base calculated time with no account for any warp related skills, modules or any other effects. No drone bay. Light Fighter Squad Limit. Heavy Fighter Squad Limit.We're ok with this, however, your experience might not be that great. Click here to view this embedded window properlyor just click anywhere below this dialog to view the iframe.

Post Map. Most Valuable Kills - Last 7 Days. Top Corporations Ascendance 21 Wraithguard. Top Ships Dominix Navy Issue Brought to you by Squizz Caphinator. Message X. Ship: Dominix Navy Issue. Alltime Recent Weekly. Cap own 4 Disturbing Silence. Astrahus Goonswarm Federation.

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Athanor Goonswarm Federation. Adurai Shakrin 69 Evictus. Dan Totan 4 Strictly Unprofessional. Paquito 6 Shadow Cartel.

Faeton McGuild 11 Golden anarchy. Quincy ThreeFingers 4 Goonswarm Federation. Saidin Paendrag Gila The Watchmen. Quincy ThreeFingers 26 Goonswarm Federation. Corwin Rathe 25 Goonswarm Federation. Jaymes Brutix Shadow Flight. The Wurst 19 Goonswarm Federation. Chasma Harling 15 Goonswarm Federation. Elduran Igunen Brutix Shadow Flight.The supreme authority upon which all other authority is derived.

These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Forum Index. Dominix PVE Fitting. Brutor Tribe. Minmatar Republic. Dredd Ryu. Well, I want to fitting my dominix for pve missions.

Lexus is tuning

I trained a lot drone skills but I didn't train too much hybrid or turrets weapons but if necessary I'll train. Please help me :D. Paranoid Loyd. Deep Core Mining Inc. Caldari State. Kitty Bear. Arthur Aihaken. Kitty Bear wrote: ishtars still win however. I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week. New Onus Corp. Jewsus Gomez. I would use it but i got tired of drones and trained up for proteus instead. If you are concerned, swap out one or two drone damage amps for some armor tank stuff.

Nad'x Hapax. Pator Tech School. Chainsaw Plankton. Nycha wrote: You can dramatically improve the performance of this fit by replacing the large armor repairer by another drone damage amplifier. And as this frees up your cap, you can now use drone damage rigs. At least 3. So sad, almost had to gouge my eyes out. This is the fit I used, well, when I used a domi for missions.

Copy and paste this in PYFA and see what you come up with.

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